At Zoom Technical Services we look for individuals that are driven, intelligent, and dedicated. These qualities along with our extensive training program will provide you with the material you need to build relationships with our clients based on substance, credibility and trust. As a specialized firm we are dedicated in providing you with a career not just a paragraph on your resume. At Zoom we can guarantee you a positive energetic work environment with a focus on learning the necessary components to be successful in a sales or recruiting career.

The future of Zoom Technical is very promising, and as an industry leader we look to expand our business throughout the country. This will be made possible by the success and training of our staff here in Boston Massachusetts, and translating our current success on a national level. The opportunity to succeed is here with Zoom Technical Services, the dedication, effort, and hard work is up to you.

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“Working at Zoom Technical Services has given me an opportunity to grow personally and professionally while building a foundation for a successful career”